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Recovery Through Motion emerged after many years of integrating a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, movement lineages, and healing perspectives. Concepts and paradigms common to all these different pathways formed the basis of Recovery Through Motion. Within this spirit of collaborative engagement people of all ages, all levels of trauma, and all walks of life can begin to explore new ways to navigate though the mysterious and wondrous dance of life, death, life. Healing power arises from within each person when the door is simply held open. In the healing relationship between client and practitioner, there is a delicate choreography of the healing power of the client with the pivot and leverage of the practitioner and the wisdom of the client with the mirroring and listening of the practitioner.


Few people have ever heard of fascia. Yet fascia is the matrix of all tissue. It surrounds every muscle, every muscle fiber, and even every muscle fibril. Fascia creates a net of continuity for the entire body. When it surrounds the heart it is the pericardium. When it surrounds the lungs it is called the pleura. When it surrounds the brain it is called the dura mater. The joint capsule that transmits weight through every joint is fascia. Embedded in the fascia are fibroblasts, which actually create the new tissue. So the fascial environment is essential in recreating the entire organism, especially the immune system. Fascia surrounds every single nerve so that the entire neurological system functions as a single unit relaying messages at the speed of light. Fascia gives definition, boundaries, and shape. Our inherent shape-shifting magic is available by connecting with our fascia. All fascia is connected with all other fascia. Recovery Through Motion works through the continuity of fascia, which allows the Healing Body to reconnect fragmented pieces into a new integrated whole.


Our whole body is designed in and within spirals. Spirals within spirals within spirals. Yet we surround ourselves with straight lines, boxes for houses, print to read and straight lines to walk. Our eyes are barraged by a plethora of non-fractal items. The muscles in our eyes are specifically designed to follow fractal patterns, like waves breaking the shoreline, or branching leaves in the wind, or wild horses racing across the savannah. When our eyes are confined to a non-fractal environment, like the computer, our immune system diminishes and our stress level increases. The sympathetic nervous system or the "Flight or Flight Mode" is engaged on the cellular level and the cellular environment changes into a survival mode. Spirals take us out to infinity and back into the center of centers, releasing built up charge into dynamic flow. Exchanging energy on all levels. The spiral nature brings us into our parasympathetic nervous system, or the "Release and Restore Mode", allowing us to restore our natural immunity. With spiral confirmation, the cellular environment opens to a wide variety of options and choices in a full-spectral interaction with the external environment.

Movement Vocabulary

Our cultural deficits leave us with a limited movement vocabulary. All muscles are not created equal. Some muscles are meant to move bones while others function in different ways. One such muscle is called the psoas muscle. It is a neurological trigger. Every nerve that comes out of the lower spine goes through the belly of the psoas muscle and every twitch of this muscle engages the entire neurological system. When it is excited or contracted, it switches us into the sympathetic or the "Fight and Flight" part of our nervous system. And our movements become dominated by the need to survive. When the Psoas muscle is lengthened, it switches us into parasympathetic or the "Release and Restore" part of our nervous system. That relaxed mode allows us to enjoy life and then our movements open into a full-spectrum of partnership possibilities. We have left and right Psoas muscles, and if there is unequal tension between them, a conflict begins in our entire system. Sitting installs this unequal tension as default programming. It is this neurological conflict that is responsible for the massive adrenal fatigue and many neurological deficit syndromes seen in children today. Recovery Through Motion helps people relearn basic movement patterns so that movements that create tension can be changed to movements that encourage balance. And it encourages people to expand the variety of their movements to enhance their movement dialogue and change everyday difficulties into opportunities for creativity.


The paradigm of "mirroring" is fundamental in Recovery Through Motion. Drawing from the influence of Contact Improvisation, Cranial-Sacral, and Thai Massage, Recovery Through Motion seeks to mirror the Wisdom Body inherent within each of us. When we look in a mirror we see our own image using light as a medium. We can then see our own eyes. If we use two mirrors we can even see the back of our own head. We can then make changes in our hair, which we didn't even know needed to be changed without the second mirror. We get information that would otherwise be unavailable. By using the medium of sensation we can feel something which we weren't previously aware. We feel sensation with our skin through the light-touch part of our nervous system. It is a different kind of information, one that uses a completely different part of our nervous system. Movement creates yet another kind of a mirror. We can feel things deep inside our joints by using the medium of movement. Every joint in the body has the capacity to collect information and relay it to central co-coordinating system and receive information from the whole body simultaneously. The Wisdom Body can orchestrate deep reconciliation with a conscious unbiased mirror. Recovery Through Motion uses a mirror of movement to allow natural neurological reorganization engaging the momentum towards balance.


Listening is another founding paradigm of Recovery Through Motion. We can listen to a story with our ears and hear the tone and quality of the voice. We can pick up a lot of cues from innuendo as well as from the content. We also can listen through the facility of sensation and movement. By listening with our skin and joints, we hear a different story than the one of words. When the whole body becomes a mechanism of listening and the story is fully heard through the tissues, the charge of the story is released, and the story no longer needs to be held in the body. The wisdom essence of the story is re-integrated into full participation with the Whole Living System.


Have you ever gone to a concert and while listening to the music you notice your feet tapping to the music or your fingers drumming along to the rhythm? And the next thing you know you are up dancing with every fiber engaged with the rhythm? This is called entrainment. By entraining with the Cranial Rhythm, the Whole Living System gets mirrored in a very pivotal way. A deep reconciliation within the Whole Being then allows whatever changes are necessary according to its own Inherent Wisdom. Many people call this a return to health. Recovery Through Motion uses entrainment to facilitate a natural dialogue with each person's recovery of health and well being. The goal of Recovery Through Motion is to create environments were people of all ages have full permission to find greater grace and fluidity in all of their movements, finding release from problematic symptoms. Recovery Through Motion helps people redesign habitual neural patterns turning obstructing challenges into creative support for the journey to health.

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