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Balls are being used in a wide variety of settings from schools to offices and therapeutic environments. Using balls, we can extricate ourselves from the artificial structure of our furniture. There are many advantages of sitting on a ball and exercising on a ball. One of the primary advantages is reflection of motion into the pelvic floor with every breath. Another advantage of sitting on the ball is engaging the core in everyday situations. And for kids, balls are an excellent way of introducing therapeutic play-time. Michaels King's book, Pilates On the Ball, is an excellent resource in discovering the wide use of balls in your daily routine. You can access balls from several different sources. The most important considerations in ball choice, is choosing a company that has burst resistant balls. Two companies that I found very reliable are Sissel and Gymnic.
Foam Core Rollers are another important tool to retrain our bodies out of furniture. There are many different ways of using Foam Core Rollers: stretching, exercising, and simple postural maintenance. My favorite simple and quick use of the foam core roller is simply to lie down on the roller, allowing the spine to be completely support. The company Occupational and Physical Therapy Products or OPTP has easy access to Foam Core Rollers and manuals for proper use.

The Magic Circle is an essential tool to integrate core strength into everyday movements. When we can strengthen our legs in interaction with our core, we can access a greater variety of movement options. The magic circle brings many crucial Pilates concepts into important daily interaction. You can get a magic circle from www.balancedbody.com and instruction DVD to show you proper use for the product.

In my personal healing and recovery, I found the Body Back Buddy useful in releasing trigger points and unhealthy fascia patterns when there is no one else around. The Body Back Buddy can give you the leverage to reach places you couldn't otherwise reach. And it also provides the capacity to put pressure with a variety of different intensities and from different angles. You can get a Body Back Buddy and instruction manual at www.bodybackbuddy.com.

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